Our culture is embedded with compassion and empathy. We commit relentlessly to the success of all students to inspire them to live a life full of integrity and character.

If I were a K-5th grade student at Jackson Charter School:

  • I would grow my brain through play and hands-on projects and activities.
  • I would enjoy our class SMART board and my assigned iPad through our 1-to-1 technology program.
  • I would become a strong reader and writer.
  • I would become a mathematician.
  • I would always fill my tummy with free breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks.
  • I would build friendships with kids in my class and throughout the school.
  • I would never want to leave STEM class because it ROCKS!
  • I would be creative and active in art and P.E. class.
  • I would be supported by teachers who know the best ways to help me learn and grow.
  • I would learn how to be the most respectful and responsible version of myself by showing SWAG.
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