Lead Testing Results


Jackson Families:

As you may be aware, the State of Illinois recently approved a bill this year that requires elementary schools and daycare centers to test drinking fountains, sinks and other water sources for lead.

The new law requires school districts to test water sources – such as fountains and sinks – used for drinking and cooking.

Schools built before 1987 (like Jackson Charter School) that educate K-5th grade students must test their water by Dec. 31, 2017.

The law also requires organizations to notify parents of those results.

Recently, all water sources at Jackson Charter School were tested in response to the new law.  Four drinking fountains were found to have slightly exceeded the reporting limit of 2.0 ug/L for lead.  Complete results have been posted on the Jackson Charter School website.

Please note that the Environmental Protection Agency says water tested at 15 parts per billion or higher requires action.  (For some context, the highest level found in Flint, Mich., registered at 13,000 parts per billion.)

No fixtures at Jackson were at or above 15 parts per billion.  That said, as a precaution, school staff have turned off the four affected water fountains and have arranged for a water service to provide water coolers on each floor of the school until further testing can be performed to confirm the results.  Affected water fixtures will be repaired and/or replaced, and they will not be available for use until they retest below that acceptable threshold.

Please note that taking water samples does not disrupt the school day.  Further information, once available, will be communicated to Jackson families.

Results of the testing is available at the front office as well as on our website. For questions or more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs. Malone at 815-316-0093.





Mrs. Angelique Malone




CLICK HERE: lead-testing-results


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